About Underwater photography by Bonnie Pelnar

Under Watercolours...
a small company which grew out of love for the ocean

When you love what you do, you can't help but to do a good job. We believe this is the reason Under Watercolours has been so successful. We cater almost exclusively to the dive, travel and marine industry. We are drawn to ocean related projects because its what we love to do and its where we want to be. Because of the many referrals we get from our satisfied clients, have also worked in the medical industry and continue to develop new markets in other areas.

Shooting from the top of the mast of the Peter Hughes Komodo Dancer out of Bali, Indonesia.
A combination of over 20 years of computer graphics experience, a lifetime of photography experience, and a God given artistic talent allows Bonnie Pelnar, founder of Under Watercolours to produce graphic projects unmatched in the industry. It is her policy that a job is not finished when we have simply met the customers requirements, its finished only when it passes her strict design, quality and performance standards.

In our experience we have developed alliances with many other developers, photographers, designers and programmers who work to the same high quality standard we do. Upon evaluating your needs, we will compile a team of professionals specific to your project.

We also believe that it is important to share the beauty of the oceans to educate and encourage others to protect her and her inhabitants. We don't work with any underwater photographers who put "getting the shot" above the consequences that their actions will have on the reefs and animals that live there. We only work with printers who use environmentally conscious processes in the offset litho process, which is traditionally a very toxic process. We hope to help teach more people of the importance of keeping our oceans healthy and develop alliances with reef support and research foundations and organizations whenever possible.

Under Watercolours was started with a small line of blank note cards in 1995. The evolution of electronic publishing has brought new opportunities to the table for our company and we are always looking for new ways to produce the best product possible, while sharing the photos and stories of our journey with those with similar interests.

Our clients come from all over the world. Most of those who have worked with us in the past, remain our clients today. We maintain a trusting and loyal working relationship and many clients have also become close friends. We enjoy their success almost as much as they do, because we know we've supported them as fairly and honestly as we could in this ever changing, and sometimes foreign place called the world wide web. We would love to add you to our family.

References from any of our clients are available upon request.

Under Watercolours is a federally registered trademark.